This is how the new digital system works:

Payment of fixed berth

  • If you have a fixed berth in one of Lysekil municipalitys harbours, it is linked to you via e-mail or social security number.
  • By logging in in the upper right-hand corner and confirming your e-mail address, which you are asked to fill in, your berth will automatically appear under My account, where you can choose to pay, rent it out as a loan or cancel your berth.

Boat berth queue

  • New applications are made by filling in the form on this page and paying the mandatory registration fee.
  • We review all new applications and when we have processed your application, you will receive an email with a confirmation.
  • If you wish to change your boat place, the same rules apply as for new applications, you buy a new queue place on the website and register your interest in the place(s) you wish to rent instead.
  • The position you see in the system is the correct position in the respective queue and overall. But, if a customer stands on e.g. place 200 in the queue, then he can be first in line for 3m berths in a certain port, because the other 199 people at the front of the queue are interested in other berths.
  • However, the position in the queue can vary, both up and down. For example, if 4 new applications from people registered in Lysekil Municipality come in, those who are in the queue and only are property owners will all jump down 4 places in the queue.
  • In the Members menu, you can see your position in the queue and how long the queue fee has been paid. Here you can also extend your payment by clicking on EXTEND PAYMENT which means that you pay the annual queue fee and Change queue place if you e.g. change address or want to change your boat size.
  • Each queue has an annual fee. One month before your year in the queue expires, you will receive a link by e-mail and SMS with payment instructions in case you still wish to be in the queue.
The municipality of Lysekil has two types of boat berths:
  1. Fixed berths for people registered and property owners in the municipality of Lysekil.
  2. Borrowing places ie. moorings that are rented out for a season.


  • At each allocation period, there will be both old (unallocated places or unpaid berths at the previous allocation) and new places, it is important that you who are interested in a berth register your interest and rank your choices. If you have done this before and are wondering why your interest choices are not retained, it is because the berth is already assigned to customers higher up in the queue.
  • If a berth is allocated to a customer higher up in the queue and then not paid on time, the berth will be published again on the website and your old registrations of interest will remain.

Leave a notification of interest on available boat berths/loan berths:

  • When the allocation periods start, you will be notified by email.
  • You then go to our website and select Allocations of available berths here in the menu.
  • You then leave your interest in the boat berths that are interesting and rank which berths you want.
  • The more places you show interest in, the greater the chance of getting a boat berth. (But dont look for places you still cant imagine renting.)
  • When the allocation period is over, the boat berths are distributed according to order of turn and rank. (You will then be assigned the berth that you ranked highest where you are also at the top of the queue).
  • You now have 7 days to pay for the berth before it goes back on the market.
  • When you have paid for the fixed berth, you automatically leave the berth queue. Or if you have been assigned and paid for a loan place, your queue place will be reactivated when the rental period is over.
  • Please note that only those who are allocated a berth/loan berth will be contacted by e-mail.

Change of berth

  • Two customers have the opportunity to exchange fixed berths with each other. This is done by sending in a written statement explaining which berths it applies to and signatures from both berth holders to
  • If you are standing in the berth queue to change your fixed berth and are allocated a new berth, you should contact the contact center or the Port Authority and we will cancel your old berth and adjust any difference.
  • If you are standing in the berth queue to change your fixed berth and are allocated a loan berth, you should contact the contact center or port unit and the berth you are changing from will be allocated as a loan berth during the season and the queue place will be activated again when the rental period is over.
example image, ocean waves and the text Bohuslän

common questions

I want to change my contact details such as email address or mobile phone number, how do I do that?

Answer:Log in with mobile bankID and you can enter your new email address and phone number under My Account. Alternatively, email the marina and well update for you.

I cant get to the payment page via the link I received. Whats wrong?

Answer:The most common error is that you are using an older version of the browser, try a different browser (preferably Chrome) or device. You are also welcome to visit the contact center in municipal hall to pay for your boat space by card payment.

I cant click on Pay with Card or Pay with Swish. Whats wrong?

Answer:The most common error is that you entered a boat that is too large for the location. It can be depth, width or length of the boat that the system reacts to, please set correct measurements.